It’s my unfortunate honor to announce the closure for the Center for Security and Counter-Terrorism. The center and its online journal will be permanently shutting down at the end of May 2024. The editor Richard Allan passed away earlier this year and without him this ship has no captain.

I met Richard Allan in 2011 while I was working at the Brooklyn Law School managing their digital programs. Our mutual friend Bob Pitler introduced us and without really asking said “you’re going to help Richard get his website together, you can do that right?” And so began my friendship with Richard.

We launched the Center for Security and Counter-Terrorism in 2012 shortly before Richard retired from teaching. He wrote extensively over the years, covering a wide range of topics and events with measured thoughtful insight bolstered by his many years working in the counter-terrorism and security field. 

A lifelong learner with impressive experience, Richard tackled blogging like a pro. Focussing on current events he often added needed historical context from his sharp memory and informed expertise. While we may not always have agreed on all subjects I knew our conversations would give me something to ponder and he often changed my opinion.

I am grateful that I got to know Richard and to support his work. He was a good listener who gave valued advice and perspective. He will be missed.

More about Richard and his life:

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