About the Editor

Richard Allan, Professor Emeritus at Brooklyn Law School, launched the Counter Terrorism Blog in 2013. His scholarly work focuses on the legal and pragmatic issues of international terrorism. He is the author of numerous law review articles and several books addressing international and family law issues. He has chaired and co-chaired conferences and presented papers extensively in Europe and the United States on a wide range of topics related to international terrorism, violence, and civil rights. He has served as a governmental advisor on issues of international terrorism and is the Distinguished Scholar at the Center for Security and Counter-Terrorism Policy, and Senior Consultant at the East-West Institute, a think tank whose focus is Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He is also on the editorial board of Crime & Justice International.

Mission Statement

To bring to one venue, for incisive analysis and understanding, the many threads and opinions surrounding the threat and interdiction of terrorism. This blog will be published as often as necessary to provide its readers with the most recent information and commentary on events worldwide and to publish articles on relevant issues and policy concerns by members of the Center and those experts who wish to submit their articles for consideration.

It is the intention of CSCT to promote the understanding of security issues created by terrorism and their impact on individual civil rights. In addition to recognizing the delicate balance that necessitates law enforcement’s unannounced invasive intrusion in the lives of individuals, and to provide the mechanism to protect the civil rights of all persons and institutions. Two axioms must remain constant; the voice that leads the discussion must be neutral and non-partisan at all times, and second, the “slippery slope” argument can no longer play any role in the discussion of the issues.

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